Which part of London is home?

Until about three weeks ago, it was Forest Hill.

 One word to describe London:


 One word to describe Londoners:


Your favourite place in London?

The Horniman Museum and gardens in Forest Hill. I ran there, I got married there, I looked at animal skeletons there...

What song feels most like London? How come?

It's always been "Witness" by Roots Manuva, just because it was so inescapable the first summer I was working here.

What's your earliest London memory?

Visiting an embassy with my mum, to get my dad a visa before a trip abroad. So mainly it's just blind bureaucracy. And pigeons.

  What do you miss most about London when you're out of town?

I'm only three weeks out and I'm starting to get quite bad fried chicken withdrawal. There's a KFC in my new town, but it's a 20-minute walk away. This will not do.

  Who is your favourite London artist?

Grayson Perry

 What's your favourite "secret" spot?

There is a horrible, horrible pub in London Bridge that is completely unexceptional and smells of dishrags, but has sofas that you can usually get a spot on. I'm not even going to name it, because I don't want you to ruin it for me.

Which London figure would you most like to meet?

Christopher Wren, so I could tell him to go back in time and be a bit more forceful about pushing his post-fire plans for the city through. 

What's your favourite tube station?

Canada Water, partly because that's how I got home, but mainly because I enjoy watching people run full-pelt to the escalators as soon as the train doors open. 

What's your biggest London extravagance?

Spontaneously boarded taxis into town from their airport.

 What's the best London-specific word/phrase?

'No engineering works are planned this weekend'.

 When does London annoy you the most?

When I'm in it, usually. London's one of those things that I get on best with when I'm a little bit removed from it. Like my parents.

 ...and when do you feel like you would never leave it?

Yeah, about that...