Which part of London is home?

Camberwell, South London

 One word to describe London:


 One word to describe Londoners:


 Your favourite building or public place in London?

I love the Design Museum and am sad it is moving to Knightsbridge in 2015. It’s a beautiful spot which I can easily cycle to. I have also seen some of my favourite exhibitions there such as Hussein Chalayan and graphic designer Wim Crouwell.

 What song feels most like London? How come?

The remix of Shola Ama’s ‘Imagine’ because when I was younger we used to get ready to it and then go out to our local club which played 90’s garage and looked a bit like a McDonald’s.

 What's your earliest London memory?

Going down to the bank of the river Thames when the tide was out (before going to the Design Museum.) Although I was probably quite old, I just don’t have a very good memory…

 What do you miss most about London when you're out of town?

Not having a selection of brilliant restaurants / pubs / bars on your doorstep whatever your budget or culinary tastes.

 Who is your favourite London artist?

Anish Kapoor because I just found out his studio is a few streets away (or Tracey Emin because I’ve just seen her exhibition at the White Cube and it is absolutely brilliant!)

 What's your favourite "secret" spot?

Fowlds Café in Addington Square (off the Walworth Road) is a lovely spot and you can see Mr Fowlds working away in his upholstery workshop when you order your coffee.

 Which current or historical London figure would you most like to meet?

Liberal politician Charles Masterman - lived in Camberwell and laid the foundations of the welfare state. Plus Victoria Beckham… that would make for an interesting dinner party.

 What's your biggest London extravagance?

Eating out. I try to do it as much as possible which isn’t hard.

When does London annoy you the most?

Rush hour but I’m lucky enough to work 5 minutes from my house so it is a rare occurrence.

...and when do you feel like you would never leave it?

When you’ve managed to nab a spot outside a pub on a sunny afternoon.


Homepage image by Lucy Browning, title image by Iris Bjork