Which part of London is home?


One word to describe London:


One word to describe Londoners:


What's you favourite place in London?

London Zoo

What song feels most like London?

The Internationale (hopefully one day)

What's your earliest London memory?

The great smog

What do you miss most about London when you're out of town?

Culture and diversity 

Who is your favourite London artist?

Kate Bush singing “Ken”

What's your favourite "secret" spot?

My garden

Which current or historical London figure would you most like to meet?

Herbert Morrison

What's your favourite tube station & why?

South Kensington for the art deco, the cafes and Natural History Museum

What's your biggest London extravagance?

Eating out

What's the best London-specific word/phrase?

Mind the gap

When does London annoy you the most?

When it votes Boris

...and when do you feel like you would never leave it?