Which part of London do you call home?

I’ve lived pretty much everywhere in London. And as I’m a ninja, I can’t really tell you where I live now. Somewhere Northwest - and sometimes South East. I move around. 

One word to describe London:


And one to describe Londoners:


What's your favourite place in London?

Hyde Park. Especially in the summer. Love it. 

What song feels most like London?

It’s called “London Town” by Light Of The World. It’s a wicked jazz-funk tune. Play that in summer and it rocks. Another one is “Dedication” by Rodney P and Skitz. A classic. 

What's your earliest London memory?

Going to Groove Records in Soho with my Pops. He was always record collecting. I was maybe three? I'm not sure exactly how old  but I remember it. Then we would go to GOSH comics. My dad was a comic book nerd too! 

What do you miss most when you're out of town?

Brick Lane Bagels. Salt Beef with the Killer Mustard.

What's your favourite "secret" spot?

Dream Bag’s Jaguar Shoes. It’s a bar in Kingsland Road, East London. Go there. 

Which historical London figure would you most like to meet?

Stephen Fry. He is one, right? 

What's your favourite tube station?

Paddington, Bakerloo line. The tube guard says “As the wind blows, the train will arrive”. He always says it. And he almost sings it! 

What's your biggest London extravagance?

Sushi. Sake. Both. Food. I buy a lot of nice food. 

What's the best London-specific word?

Fam or Blood. 

When does London annoy you the most?

When it shuts down at 3am or something. It NEEDS to be 24 hour. Like NY. 

...and when do you feel like you would never leave it? 

In the summer. In the park. It’s the best then.