Hugh - Look Back In Laughter

South London quartet Hugh are back with this stripped-down, silky track. It's hard to put a finger on what genre of music one might try to box the track into – a bit of synthpop, a bit of trip-hop, a bit of something else. The mix of spoken word and smooth vocals really shines through the synths. The underlining message of the track is decidedly positive: not to dwell on the bad in ones past, and to hope that, in future, you'll be able to laugh, looking back. Band member Josh has said: "I'd been working as a barman for a while when Hugh started out. Long night shifts that often had more than a few bad moments in them and would leave me exhausted at the end. What usually got me through was the knowledge that at the end of our shift we'd all sit down, ching tips, retell our fave horror stories and laugh. It was rarely funny when it was happening, only in the past. "No long face, you'll laugh about it later" was what we're told each other (sic). When Andy and I made the first topline, I remembered that phrase and the rest followed."