I am an Irish mum of three young boys and I live in west London. I am a former banker, with a life-long passion for travel. I have lived in London on and off since 1999 and have always loved it.

I only discovered my love for photography when I joined Instagram, in 2011. I was instantly hooked and my love has never wavered. I guess in the early days I posted much more regularly without too much thought. I certainly didn't meticulously plan my posts like I do now. Also, in the early days I definitely was way too fond of adding filters to my images! I still use them, but in a much more subtle way.



Post regularly, but don't overdo it. Try not to overthink things too much and have fun with Instagram. I definitely notice a shift in engagement when I add a little caption with my images – sometimes it's just an emoji, but it can make a huge difference. I personally like a feed that flows, where images sit naturally together. Also, hues and textures are important to me, so when I post an image I do look to my last one to ensure the next one works well with it both in terms of composition and tone. There are certain times of the day when engagement is higher, i.e. mornings before 9am and evenings around 8pm. I do attach my images to hashtags – I love ones like #solobikeparking or #nothingisordinary.


Initially it was a steady growth, with my followers. Once I understood how it worked, I started attaching my photos to popular hash tags, and started interacting with other users. I gained a lot of followers that way. However, my biggest growth occurred earlier this year when Instagram added me to their “Suggested User” list for two weeks. I get a lot of likes from America and the Far East where London is a very popular city.

I do have to control my posting, especially if I am out and about on a photo walk. I can get a bit overexcited and could easily overpost. However, this can put my followers off, so I tend to try to resist the urge and only post three times a day - early morning, mid-day and evening. 



  • @sixsevensix A classic view of London... beautiful soft hues and textures 
  • @jeera Captures the true essence of London -his images are stunning
  • @prettycitylondon My curated account showcasing the very pretty side of the city, I regularly showcase other people's work (as tagged to #prettycitylondon). It is only a few weeks old but the response to it has been incredible and most of the shots tagged are simply stunning.

I am just back from a really exciting sponsored 'insta-walk' in Cologne, where I met some really high profile IG names I have been following since the beginning : @jeera (we have been instapals for years and had never met), @jn, @nathparis, to name a few.

I love the community spirit attached to the app. I have met so many nice people through Instagram. It’s a very positive site too - I have never had any negative comments. If people don’t like your work, they simply don’t follow or don’t hit the like button. I love its visual appeal - it's on the mobile and so quick and easy to use. I am an often jaded mum of three boys but love the fact that I can sometimes manage to create interesting content without having to write anything. There’s nothing that frustrates me about it. It can sometimes be tricky with my young family but I love it so much I couldn’t call it hard work.



I love this one of this yellow Beetle shot in Holland Park. I have been capturing this car since I first started Instagram and I have grown so fond of it… I giggle as I notice this car has now become quite 'insta-famous', and even featured in the opening scenes of the movie 'Paddington'.