My name is Jen and I'm a mid-twenties Canadian gal, currently living and loving and exploring and finding myself in this big gorgeous city we call London. 

I've been using Instagram for around 3 or 4 years or so now. There was a lot less people using it back then! People didn't seem to take as many risks with their photos back then as they do now, and there was definitely a lot less marketing/advertising happening. To quote the English, my followers came "in dribs and drabs" for the first year or so. 



Just post what you like and be true to yourself; the rest doesn't matter one bit. People will come to recognise you for your individual style; we all have something different to offer from our unique perspectives! 


I post whenever I feel like it - which could be once a week or once a day; depends if I actually have any photos to post. 

What I love about Instagram is the connections, the community, the creativity, and the ability to track down a good coffee anywhere! I try not to dwell on the negative side of it. Pretty much everyone I've ever met through Instagram has been wonderful and lovely; all of them equally exciting in their own ways.



  • @zobolondon, because she's got London covered, from the history of a specific monument to seagulls flying in front of the Big Ben
  • @tschang, because his feed is lovely and oh so London
  • @whatalexloves, because her photos of pretty neighbourhoods in London can't be beat

I have made some solid relationships through Instagram; some of my very best friends here in London are thanks to meeting through that crazy little app! It's probably been the the best aspect of using it while I'm living here in London.

My motivations are to inspire, to explore, to get creative, and to find small bits of hope and joy in the everyday moments.



I'm not sure which post has been my most successful, but probably one of my photos from when I was in Austria, because people love photos of mountains. I mean, I sure do.