My name is Sean Byrne, I’m 38 and I’m a semi professional photographer and a full time HGV Tanker Driver for DHL Rank Hovis. I live in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. My dream is to one day take images professionally fulltime, or to help companies in social media.

I started using Instagram nearly 4 years ago on my main account @byrnephotography. I had the idea of @thebowlerman about a year ago and started the concept on social media about 9 months ago.

On @byrnephotography, it took a while to gain followers as I used to just post random images of anything, from playing my PlayStation to shopping with the family and various images of me at work in my truck. Once I had a passion for photography, my attitude towards Instagram changed, and it was at this point where my following increased. My images improved, and this got me noticed by other Instagrammers that had a healthy following at the time and they gave me much needed shoutouts which were a massive part in my increase of followers. I also joined some Hubs. Hubs are Instagram pages that feature images that are tagged with their hashtags, i.e. @All_Shots with the hashtag #allshots_. 



I recommend posting a maximum of 4 images a day and a minimum of 1. If the likes decrease on your images, start posting at different times. i.e. start posting when Europe is active and then Asia. This then varies your images at different time zones around the world.

Use websites like to look at your stats. This tells you when your best posting times are, what days, what your most liked pics and comments are.


@thebowlerman gained followers quickly; within 6 weeks I accumulated over 10,000 followers. I believe this was down to two main reasons.

  • The concept was one that people really appreciated, especially as it was in London. London is one of, if not the best city in the world. The feeling of old world London with @thebowlerman would whet the appetite of anyone wanting to visit or to revisit.
  • My experience within Instagram. After being on here for a few years I have made some amazing friendships with people that have a huge following. I asked my friends to shoutout @thebowlerman, which brought large amounts of people to @thebowlerman’s account quickly and helped maintain growth.



@lovendlife.images Pat has a fantastic feed. He captures London perfectly. The mood of his shoots are exquisite and recently he's been taking some stunning shots of life in London.

@markster70 Mark is a master at nighttime photography. He manages to wow me every time I see them. He uses the technique of Long Exposure to enhance the beauty of London night life.

@london I’ve chosen London because daily there are images taken from London and posted via this account. If you need inspiration from this city then this account is the place to see it.


There are various times of day you should post. America has the largest amount of Instagrammers, so posting when the U.S. is awake is a good way to show your images to the masses. Use hashtags that are relevant to your image. Follow various hubs; there are a lot of them, so pick wisely. Tag them and take part in their challenges and competitions. This will bring some great exposure, especially if you're chosen as a finalist or the winner.

I’m currently posting one a day on my main account @byrnephotography and every 3 days on @thebowlerman. I post more on @byrnephotography when I’m on location shooting. For example, if I’m in Canada on a job for Travel Alberta, I’ll post 2-3 times day. I now post every 3 days with @thebowlerman because it’s a similar kind of photography; I don’t want people to get bored. So to keep it fresh every 3 days seems to work.