Deptford market, once a thriving hub of the area, is a withering shell of its former self; Marlowe and the Royal Docks are now folklore. To many, Deptford was usually seen as a corridor of South East London, for those making their way to better corners. For the migrant middle class it was never an option, never visible to the hipster radar or the yummy mummy trail. So its recent discovery feels akin to the colonial "discoveries" of foreign lands, much to the bewilderment of the natives who have always known of its riches. With the Overground and the linking of the overpriced and concentrated east to the new frontier, many have discovered its cheaper pastures. The building of a huge new housing complex right by the rail station and the direction this will take the area into is dividing local opinions - some believe it will breathe new life into the many family-run businesses, others worry that Deptford will lose its unique flavour, with old shops and homes having to make way for new ones. Whatever your opinion of Deptford, it's worth visiting now, right on the cusp of possibly irreversible change. We asked some of the natives about their thoughts on what's to come.