BURRATA with Sicilian datterni tomatoes and basil, £12.50

Best topping ever!! Mmh! Delicious. A really good crispy, crunchy crust. It falls apart, not too soggy. It’s the least creative but best topping ever. It’s strange that there isn’t any tomato sauce, but you’ve got the tomatoes, so it’s ok. Plus the burrata and the olive oil. I’d normally always want meat on a pizza, but this is special. I’ve never had a pizza with burrata on it. The base on its own is great too. This pizza is what you get on the stairwell to heaven, in the lounge outside of heaven, because you know life is going to be sweet. You’ve got the crispy base, the freshness of the basil leaves, the milky sauce from the cheese, the juice of the tomatoes... it’s so simple and yet so interesting, I never would have thought of this, or expected it to taste this great. But it’s just fresh ingredients. We always think everything needs to be deep fried, deep dish, etc, but this proves us all wrong.
— Louisa
This is amazing. The dough is crispy, the tomatoes are so, so sweet. As soon as you bite into the pizza you get the fresh, natural tomato flavour. And the cheese is so, so soft. It’s classy and elegant. And the basil is so nice, it makes the whole thing taste natural and vibrant. This is unusual pizza, it’s not an every day all-rounder. I thought the cheese would be too much, but man, this is great. It tastes like Italian sunshine. You feel like you’re sitting at a piazza or by the beach eating this.
— Ziad