TORCIA with pepperoni, olives, red chillies, mozzarella and basil, £6.50, and AL CAPRINO with goat's cheese, spinach, roasted peppers, mozzarella and basil, £7.20

It’s greasy. This is a sitting in front of the TV, filthy, greasy, hungover, sloppy joe. The pepperoni is really nice, The chilis aren’t mega hot, but they’re spicy. There isn’t heaps going on taste-wise, but it’s quaffable. This is good for when you’re in the area, and you want something cheap and cheerful, something fun. Maybe you’re already half-drunk. You can have a good time here. You need a bottle of coke with this to cut through the fat. There is *so* much cheese. You really have to be in the mood for it, and then it hits the spot. When you have a craving for full-fat pizza, this is it. The other ones verge on being sandwiches compared to this. This is completely-melted-into-one pizza. And with grease comes flavour. It’s one of those things you hate to love.
— Louisa
This does what it’s supposed to do. It’s heavy, greasy, you’re stuffed afterwards. It’s your every-day pizza. I like it, the crust is nice, and I like that you can pick all your own toppings. It’s cheap and cheerful, absolutely. This isn’t healthy or fresh, but sometimes you don’t want that when you feel like pizza. You’d have this in front of the tv, watching football or watching a movie. This is the McDonalds of all the places we’ve been to. There’s a mixture of people here – kids, young, old. This is an all-rounder pizza, for anyone.
— Ziad